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Movie Review: Intolerable Cruelty
Can something good come from intolerable cruelty?
A study of meaning and purpose
Laura Carr

Brain Grazer’s Intolerable Cruelty (2003), starring George Clooney (as Miles Massey) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (as Marylin Rexroth), is a movie that calls people to question if they have a true purpose and meaning in life.
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Movie Review: Pay It Forward
Scott Bulloch
Toronto, Ontario

"In her film Pay it Forward, director Mimi Leder captured a variety of the hardships that people encounter throughout their lives. She blows the audience away with a child’s idea of hope for himself and the world at large. With the help of superb actors, three basic angles, and a complex but coherent plot, Leder created a film to be remembered."
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Movie Review: Rocky Balboa: An Existential Warrior
Scott Bulloch

Spanning three decades (1976-2006), Sylvester Stallone finally brings to completion the character, story and life meaning of Rocky Balboa. In Chartoff-Winkler Productions (2006) film Rocky Balboa, Stallone wrestles with the questions life has thrown at him, all in the hope that generations of viewers will benefit
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