Meaning Conference 2014 — July 24-27First Congress on the Construction of Personal Meaning:

Exploring What Makes Life Worth Living

The congress combines the International Network on Personal Meaning’s 8th Biennial International Meaning Conference and the Constructivist Psychology Network’s 16th Biennial Conference.

It will be held in Vancouver, July 24-27, 2014, at the Coast Plaza Hotel.

Psychologists have increasingly recognized that meaning is central to human functioning and well-being. Although people in the community may not be able to articulate what meaning is, they do experience deep satisfaction in meaningful activities and relationships, and they are interested in finding out how to live a worthwhile and fulfilling life. Can psychology provide a roadmap that guides their search for meaning?

Though the literature on meaning is rapidly growing, it is still in a state of flux and confusion, with researchers defining and assessing meaning differently. There is an urgent need for conceptual clarity, valid measures, and synthesis of existing research findings, in order to advance the science of meaning and provide a practical guide for all those interested in meaningful living.

INPM’s 8th Biennial International Meaning Conference continues its tradition of being the only international conference devoted to the study of meaning in life. It provides a Meaning Summit for leaders in logotherapy, positive psychology, existential-humanistic psychology, constructivist psychology, and other disciplines to address the fundamental issues of what makes life worth living, such as:

  • What is the meaning in life? Is there a comprehensive definition?
  • What makes life worth living regardless of circumstances?
  • How does meaning contribute to healing and flourishing?
  • What kinds of goals contribute to meaningfulness and why?
  • Is meaning subjective, objective, or a mixture of both?
  • Does meaningfulness of life depend on what one thinks or what one actually does?
  • How is meaning related to happiness?
  • Do we need ultimate meaning that transcends the self and its limitations?

Confirmed participants in the Meaning Summit include Michael Steger, Crystal Park, Paul T. P. Wong, Salvatore Maddi, Deborah Khoshaba, Robert Neimeyer, Jonathan Raskin, Stefan E. Schulenberg, and Brent Potter. More names will be added later.

Throughout the four days of Conference, numerous workshops, panel discussions, symposia, paper presentations and poster sessions will explore the fundamental issues of what makes life worth living. There will also be opportunities for informal discussions with speakers and other conference participants.

INPM Professional Workshops offer the latest innovative and evidence-based clinical skills to practitioners. There are limited seats for each workshop. For those interested only in the One-Day Professional Workshops, register here.


  1. Finding Meaning in Dreams (Dr. Stanley Krippner)
  2. Mourning and Meaning:  The Quest for Significance in Loss (Dr. Robert Neimeyer)
  3. Safe and Effective Use of the Self in Psychotherapy (Dr. Lilian C. J. Wong)


  1. Disaster Mental Health and Positive Psychology: Meaning-Making and Resilience Following Traumatic Events (Dr. Stefan E. Schulenberg)
  2. Meaning-Centered Assessments and Positive Meaning Interventions (Dr. Paul T. P. Wong)
  3. The Hallowed in the Hollow: Meaning in Self-Destructive Processes  (Dr. Brent Potter)

Who should attend: Psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, social workers, nurses, teachers in positive education and life education, pastors, mental health professionals and graduate students, and interested lay people.

CE credits will be available for psychologists and counselors.

“The International Network on Personal Meaning is approved by the Canadian Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. The International Network on Personal Meaning maintains responsibility for the program.”

To register for the 2014 Meaning Conference, please register here.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the conference, please contact drpaulwong@gmail.com


Conference Highlights

  • Keynotes by Stanley Krippner, Crystal Park, Michael Steger, & Paul T. P. Wong
  • Thursday Professional Workshops and Reception
  • Friday Meaning Summit Part I
  • Saturday Meaning Summit Part II & Awards Banquet
  • Sunday Annual General Meeting Luncheon
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  • *Student Contest submission deadline extended to May 15*

  • Conference Flyer
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  • Conference Organizers
    International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM) Constructivist Psychology Network (CPN)

  • Location
    Coast Plaza Hotel
    (English Bay and Stanley Park)
    Vancouver BC, Canada

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