Geoff ThompsonGeoffrey R. Thompson, Ph.D, is Program Director at the Sunshine Coast Health Center, a residential facility for men suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders, such as ADD and PTSD. He implemented a meaning-centered model at the center, based largely on Paul T. P. Wong’s work.

Dr. Thompson earned his Ph.D in Psychology from Saybrook University. He has worked as an addictions therapist and researcher for more than a decade. His most recent study used a mixed method design to gain a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of meaning therapy at the treatment center. Results will be published in The Journal of Humanistic Psychology.

Among his publications are A Long Night’s Journey into Day: A Psychobiography of Eugene O’Neill’s Recovery from Alcoholism, A Meaning-Centered Therapy for Addictions, and co-editing The Positive Psychology of Meaning and Addiction Recovery.

Dr. Thompson’s invited workshop on Meaning Therapy for Addictions will present video segments of therapy sessions and discuss narratives of actual clients.

Workshop Learning Objectives

  1.  Learn theoretical assumptions and principles underlying meaning therapy for addictions.
  2. Identify differences in meaning therapy that distinguish it from mainstream approaches, such as medical, CBT coping skills, or motivational therapies.
  3. Summarize key techniques and strategies of meaning therapy.
  4. Gain awareness of the primary role of ethics when working with this population.