Gordon Medlock

Gordon Medlock’s, PhD, background includes academic, clinical, educational and consulting experience in fields related to humanistic psychology. He has worked for over 20 years as a psychotherapist and educator with the Wright Institute and the Wright Graduate University, and concurrently as an organizational development consultant in the field of human capital management. His educational background includes a Ph.D. in philosophy from Yale University with a focus in humanistic and existential psychology. He currently serves on the faculties of the Wright Graduate University and the University of Chicago, Graham School of General Studies. Current research focuses on the study of personal authenticity, phenomenology and grounded theory methodology, and the creative process in the arts, sciences, and organizations.

Invited Lecture Title: The Phenomenology of Emotion and Constructing Personal Meaning

 Abstract: This presentation explores the central role of emotions in structuring our experience and appraisals of events and our experience of self.  It draws on recent phenomenological, social-constructivist, and neuroscience research regarding the nuanced connection between emotions and consciousness and the role that emotion plays in constructing personal meaning and value. The presentation includes a framework and process for reflecting on contextually defined emotional episodes to enhance personal effectiveness and meaning.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the role of emotions in constructing our sense of self and personal meaning, based on recent neuroscience research.
  2. Describe the relationship between conscious and unconscious emotions and the role of consciousness in developing a rich emotional vocabulary of personal meaning.
  3. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of various phenomenological approaches to the study of emotion, including classical descriptive, existential, and interpretive approaches.
  4. Experience how a process of intentional emotional consciousness can enhance personal effectiveness and meaning.