Photo of Leo Michel AbramiLeo Michel Abrami, Arizona Institute of Logotherapy, author of an introduction to logotherapy “Une Démarche Thérapeutique: la Logothérapie” Paris, 2006

Leo Abrami will be presenting a workshop entitled Demonstration of an Experiential Seminar on Meaning.

Presentation Abstract:

Demonstration of an Experiential Seminar on Meaning

This seminar is meant to help the client become aware of the meaning(s) of his/her life using projective techniques and inter-active dialogues with the members of a small peer-group on the themes: “How do I discover the meaning(s) of my life?” and “How can I discern my personal calling?”

These seminars were initiated by the late Dr Mignon Eisenberg of the Chicago Institute of Logotherapy and considerably developed by the coordinator. These two exercises are part of a program which comprises eight 90 minute sessions. Those attending this session will be invited to participate in the exercises.