Conference on Positive Work, Employee Strengths and Wellness is Coming to Vancouver  
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 20, 2010) - Many of the world's leading authorities on what makes a successful workplace will be gathering in Vancouver, August 5-8, at the Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel.The conference is open to both professionals and the public. Dr. Paul Wong, Conference Chair, says the aim of the event is to, "Put our heads together to find out how we can bring out the best in people and make work a major source of significance and fulfillment."In keynote talks and interactive groups, the experts will engage participants in how to tackle the real-world challenge of creating positive organizations. The key message is that workers and their organizations should aspire to do more than just survive in our difficult and uncertain economy—they can thrive and flourish.The conference focuses on scientifically tested practical applications of 'positive psychology' in the workplace. Thematic topics will include meaning and purpose at work, authentic leadership, appreciative inquiry, values, ethics and spirituality, and capitalizing on talents. Attention will also be given to the experience of 'flow', which is a deep feeling of subjective wellbeing that comes from making full use of one's 'signature strengths'.The conference offers an ideal professional development opportunity for a variety of future-thinking stakeholders, including I/O psychologists, administrators and managers, HR personnel, executive consultants, life coaches, counselors, and many others to learn evidence-based best-practices.Invited speakers include prominent psychologists such as Diana Whitney, Alex Pattakos, Todd B. Kashdan, Robert Biswas-Diener, Sal Maddi and Jeff Zeig. Their latest books will be available. Michael Novak will give the distinguished public lecture on the Meaning of Work. Alexander Batthyany, President of the Viktor Frankl Institute in Vienna will give a (free) public lecture on Viktor Frankl (who wrote Man's Search for Meaning). The latter two events are open to those who are not registered for the conference, provided they reserve a seat by visiting the conference website or calling toll free: 1-866-487-9050.There will also be many hands-on workshops and thematic symposia. Notably, Ryan Niemiec, Education Director of VIA Institute, will offer a one-day intensive workshop on 'Positive Approaches to (employee) Assessment'. Eileen Dowse, President of Human Dynamics, Inc. will give a workshop on "The Agile Business Leader". Linda Page, President of Alder Graduate Professional School, will provide training on "Meaning with Brains in Mind: How do we maintain creative capacity?"The Conference is organized by the International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM) and sponsored by Sunshine Coast Health Center and the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Collaborative in British Columbia. To view the full program information on the conference schedule, and to register, visit



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