Major Sponsors

The INPM is immensely thankful for all of our sponsors without whom we would be unable to continue in our mission. Our Major Sponsors list honours individuals and corporations that have contributed $10,000 or more to the continuing work of the INPM. Sponsors may indicate whether they want to support a specific project or the general activities of INPM. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Dr. Paul T. P. Wong directly at .

Sunshine Coast
Health Center

Sunshine Coast Health Center Logo

Sunshine Coast Health Center is a proud sponsor of INPM and shares in its commitment to bringing meaning and purpose to the discipline of psychology.

Meaning Centered
Counselling Institue

Paul T. P. Wong and Lilian C. J. Wong |
The Meaning-Centered Counselling Institute (MCCI) was founded by Dr. Paul T. P. Wong and Dr. Lilian C. J. Wong to provide meaning-centered training and therapy.

Carrina Chan

Carrina Chan

Carrina Chan is the Managing Director of Saint Honore in Hong Kong. She provided the much needed funding for the Meaningful Living Project.

Anne (Richards) Thompson

Anne (Richards) Thompson

Anne (Richards) Thompson (1923-2011) believed that despite evil in the world, the good of people would win in the end. She was an admirer of INPM's mission.


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